Heating System Installation & Repair

The middle of a cold winter night after your furnace has broken down is not the ideal time to start looking for a good heating and cooling service provider. By then, you’re panicking and scrambling for a solution and you’ll settle for anyone that claims they can fix your heating system. If you take the time to find a quality, local service provider while your furnace is still running smoothly, you can feel confident that help is just a phone call away if you need it.

Sometimes, when a furnace is in need of repair, it seems more like it is possessed than anything else. Loud, banging and clanging noises and unusual odors can make you want to run out of the house. These are just a couple of the signs that are telling you that your furnace could use some attention. You might also feel cool air coming from your vents, the temperatures you set on the thermostat may not be reached and you may notice poor indoor air quality. If any of these signs get your attention, it’s time to call for help.

Sometimes a Replacement Is Best

Having your furnace professionally repaired when it is in need, makes a huge difference, but sometimes there aren’t any more repairs left to do and it’s time for a replacement. If your system is past 15 years old and showing signs of age, a new furnace is often the best choice. Most homeowners groan at the expense, but it is usually a blessing in disguise because you’ll have a more efficient heating system that provides you with the comfort you need, without any issues.

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Furnace Repair & Maintenance

It’s no secret that your furnace has to work harder during the coldest days of the year, and it shouldn’t be a secret that this is the time it’s most likely to break down. The more you need to use it, the sooner any minor issues will turn into major issues, and the sooner the parts will wear out and cause you trouble. Keeping your furnace in top condition is as easy as finding a high quality service provider to make the repairs you need, when you need them.

No one wants to hear banging, clanging or sputtering sounds come from their furnace while it’s supposed to be keeping their house warm and comfortable. You can sense that something isn’t right, and that big trouble may be on the way, but you aren’t sure what to do. It may need a quick modification, a major repair or a full replacement, depending on the nature of the issue. The best way to know for sure what is causing the noises is to call in your local heating and cooling expert to take a look. You should also call if you notice strange odors, fluctuating temperatures or unusually high heating bills.

Routine Furnace Maintenance Lowers Bills

If you want to keep the repairs to a minimum and keep your furnace running efficiently all winter, you may want to consider professional maintenance. Having your furnace cleaned out and inspected just before the heating season each year will result in flawless performance all winter long. You’ll also notice that your bills remain at a reasonable level, as your furnace runs at peak efficiency.

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A broken or damaged furnace isn’t going to repair itself, and sooner or later it will stop working entirely. Call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 in the Warren, NJ area if your furnace has been acting up and we will send someone out right away.

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Center New Jersey Radiant Heating Services

There’s nothing like having the ideal heating system in your home on those cold winter days, nights and mornings. Feeling comfortable with no drafts, but not feeling overheated is the perfect scenario, and it’s a scenario that many homeowners have been able to find with radiant heating. Radiant heating isn’t a new technology by any means, but it is gaining in popularity when it comes to modern household heating.

What Is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating is a method of providing heat that focuses on heating a surface directly, rather than heating the air. It is usually installed under your floors, but it can also go behind walls and ceilings. With radiant heating, the heat is delivered through infrared radiation, similar to how a burner on an electric stove sends heat out into the room.

When you have a radiant heating system installed in your home, you will notice certain benefits over traditional heating methods. Radiant heating usually is more energy efficient than other heating methods such as forced air systems. It is also cleaner because there is no air being blown into your living space, so the likelihood of contaminants is much lower. Radiant heating is also an attractive option for anyone that lives off the power grid, because it is possible to install it and use it without having to use electricity.

Radiant Heat From Different Sources

Radiant floor heat is the most common type of radiant heat homeowners choose, probably because of how comforting it is to wake up in the morning to a heated floor. In order to heat a radiant floor, you can use electricity, air or water. With an electric floor, electricity is the medium that heats the pipes running underneath. With air floors it is air and with water, or hydronic floors, a boiler is used to pump water beneath the floor. Most of the time, hydronic floors are the most cost-effective, but your professional installer will help guide you through the selection process to determine which is the best option for your home.

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If you’ve been thinking about trying something different when it comes to home heating, radiant heating may be a great option for your home. Call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 and we will get the process started.

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Boiler Repair & Installation Services

Hot water and steam are the substances used to heat your home if you have a boiler. Either baseboard heaters or steam radiators provide the delivery, and although many people think of boilers as old and outdated, they are still widely used today. Keeping your boiler system in good working order all year-round is crucial, and finding the right service provider will make it happen.

Boilers can last for a long time, but that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. It’s still important to recognize the signs of a damaged boiler so you can take the required action and get it fixed. Some of the signs you may notice that are telling you the boiler needs help, include rumbling sounds called “kettling” inside the boiler, inaccurate heating, gurgling sounds or whistling caused by air or low water levels and no heat at all. Kettling happens when limescale forms inside the boiler, which is typically caused by hard water in the house.

Is it Time for a Change?

Sometimes, the boiler is still working relatively well but it is getting up in age and there are more efficient models available on the market. Many homeowners get a little anxious when they hear that a new boiler is required, but the added expense will even out as your bills become lower and repairs are essentially non-existent.

If you need service on your existing boiler, or it’s time for a replacement, do yourself a favor and opt for professional service. A professional technician has experience and will test for things like CO2 emissions, which is something the average homeowner wouldn’t even think to do, let alone have the equipment to do it. Any new boiler installations also have to follow local building codes, and your warranty may be affected if you try to do it alone.

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If your boiler has been producing less than optimal results lately, call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 in the Warren, NJ area. We have more than 30 years of experience and will give you all the answers you need.

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Heat Pump Repair & Replacement

A heat pump is a piece of equipment that’s used for both heating and cooling your home, and although many homeowners aren’t familiar with them, they are becoming quite popular because of the benefits they offer. One you find a dependable, high quality heating and cooling expert that can provide you with the expert heat pump installation you need, you’ll be able to realize all the benefits.

When you think of a heat pump, the word “transfer” is how to imagine it functioning. Heat pumps transfer heat energy from one place to another, and it can work in both the winter and the summer. In order to replace cool air with warmer air or warm air with cooler air, the heat pump draws energy from the ground temperatures or outdoor air to make the transfer.

How Heat Pumps Benefit You

You can get either a ground-source heat pump, or an air-source heat pump, and each has benefits over heating or cooling your home the traditional way. Heat pumps have fewer moving parts than traditional systems, meaning there aren’t as many parts that can break and your maintenance costs will be lower. You’ll also realize savings on your energy bills because you are taking your energy from the ground or air. If you’re always looking for more eco-friendly ways to heat and cool your home, many consider a heat pump to be a big step in that direction when compared to the standard way of doing things.

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If your heat pump has been acting erratically, or if you’re thinking of having a new one installed, call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773.

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Geothermal Heating System Installation

Geothermal heating is a concept that not all homeowners have heard of, but one that is becoming more and more popular. When you have a high quality geothermal heating system installed in your home, you’ll notice many benefits over the standard way of heating, including monetary and environmental benefits. Finding a reputable, skilled service provider is the first step in the process.

Geothermal heating works by transferring heat into your home from the ground outside. The system uses a heat pump and long pipes that contain liquid and loop under the ground. No matter what the outdoor temperature is, geothermal heating works because once you dig to a certain depth, the temperature remains constant at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Standard heating systems take the energy from the air and turn into warm air inside your house, but with geothermal heating it all happens underground.

Does Geothermal Heating Offer Benefits?

There are several reasons why so many homeowners like the idea of having geothermal heating inside their home. Geothermal heating systems have far greater efficiency when compared to traditional gas furnaces. A regular furnace will have a rating of about 94% or 95% efficiency, while a geothermal heat pump can reach a staggering 400%. Geothermal heating systems are also more environmentally friendly, because there is no fuel source being burned in order to create the heat. Geothermal systems also run quietly, making about as much noise as your refrigerator.

If you’re considering geothermal heating for your home, it’s important to note that this is a fairly large project, requiring a large amount of underground piping. For living spaces that are around 2,000 square feet, it may be necessary to use up to 1,800 feet of piping. Your initial investment will be more than a regular furnace, but you may qualify for a government subsidy because of the environmental aspect. And once it’s in, your heating costs will be less and you won’t have to worry about fluctuating energy costs because your source of heat will always be available right under your feet.

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If you’ve been thinking about changing from the current heating method in your Warren, NJ home and geothermal heating sounds interesting, call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 today. We will tell you everything you need to know, and install your system safely and efficiently.

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Gas Line Repair & Installation

One component of your home that you should never take for granted is your gas line. If the appliances in your home run on propane or natural gas, there is a gas line that serves the house, and there is an accompanying level of danger. The fact that you rarely hear of gas line explosions or similar issues shows how safe they are, but the danger level can escalate dramatically if you choose to repair or install a gas line without professional help.

Your gas stove, your furnace, water heater and possibly other appliances in your home are all connected to the gas line. These lines, which resemble flexible hoses, always have gas in them, waiting for you to turn on an appliance. Most of the time, everything runs normally and there is no issue with the gas line, but sometimes a line can crack or rupture, causing a dangerous situation inside your home.

Is it a Leak?

With a gas line leak, the natural gas or propane is escaping from the gas line and filling your living space. Usually, you will be able to tell if there is a leak because you’ll hear a hissing sound as the gas escapes, or you’ll smell a foul odor, like rotten eggs. The gas itself has no odor, but your utility company adds the smell to make it possible for homeowners to detect the leak. If the line is leaking at some point under the ground, you may see dead or dying vegetation directly above the spot. Older gas lines are more prone to leaking, poor quality installation can result in leaks and serious weather events may cause damage to a gas line, producing a leak.

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