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Plumbing is one of those things that you rely on every day of your life, but also has the potential to destroy your property, disrupt your life and cause serious injury if it isn’t respected and care for properly. A flooded basement, rotted wood, mold growth and destroyed furniture are all possibilities if your plumbing system falters. Having a trusted plumbing team close at hand to help you fix the problem is what you need.

It’s important to keep in mind that even the greatest plumber won’t have a positive effect on your home if you don’t make the initial call. Ignoring slow water leaks, slow drains and other minor plumbing issues will only lead to major issues down the road, which is why making that initial call is so important. When you make the first move and let us know there’s trouble in the house, we can send one of our expert plumbers to your home to provide you with the service you need.

Key Service Benefits

Experience and a solid reputation in the community are two important factors when choosing a plumber for your home or business. Experienced plumbers have the latest tools and technology to make sure the job is done right and that the results will last long-term.

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Plumbing problems are part of every homeowner’s life at some point, and you can help minimize any damage that occurs by calling in a high quality plumber. When you call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773, any plumbing issues in your Central New Jersey home are as good as gone.

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Your Central New Jersey Emergency Plumber

You can find dependable emergency plumbing services when you call 908-754-4773 right now. We offer 24/7 service, so give us a call right away.

Plumbing emergencies don’t happen everyday, but when they do, you need to be able to call for help and have help show up quickly to get it under control. Things like burst pipes, sewer backups and natural disasters can usually be categorized as emergencies, and every second you waste, there is water damage taking place. A plumbing emergency can cause severe anxiety because of the safety aspects, and your possessions may be getting destroyed right before your eyes. Having access to a quality emergency plumber will help you minimize the damage.

Reliability Makes for Great Emergency Plumbing Services

During a plumbing emergency, you need a service provider that that can make the necessary repairs in a timely fashion, but perhaps even more you need a reliable service provider. When the plumbing emergency hits and you make that call, you need to know they will answer and get to you as quickly as possible. Real dependability means 24/7 service, with no exceptions. It’s no secret that plumbing issues don’t only happen during business hours, so you need someone ready at all times.

Start Searching Now

You can help minimize the damage of any future plumbing emergencies by finding a reputable plumber now. When there is a plumbing emergency, a lot of time is usually wasted searching for the number of a decent plumber. If you already have the number of a plumber you know to be effective and available, you can call right away and get the process started without any delay. You can also take your time and find the plumber that works for you, without having to settle.

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Plumbing problems are part of every homeowner’s life at some point, and you can help minimize any damage that occurs by calling in a high quality plumber. When you call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773, any plumbing issues in your Central New Jersey home are as good as gone.

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Leak Detection Services

Detecting water leaks that aren’t visible to the naked eye is a modern plumbing technique that saves big money and big damage on a regular basis. By using specialized diagnostic tools and non-invasive techniques, the modern plumber can find a leak and repair it without causing damage to other parts of the plumbing system, or disrupting your family’s life. Leak detection is just one way that technology has taken plumbing to new heights that provide big benefits to you, the homeowner.

How Do I Notice a Slow Water Leak?

Figuring out that you have a slow water leak in your home is quite challenging for the average homeowner. These kinds of leaks typically take place behind walls, under floors and in other areas that make it difficult to notice. Usually, you will see signs of the leak after it has already caused some level of damage. This could mean dampness on the floor, saturated walls or carpets, the sound of running water where there should be none, patches of mold or an elevated water bill. The key is to pay attention for things that are out of the ordinary, and take action once you notice them.

Don’t Wait Even One Extra Day

Waiting is probably the worst thing you can do once you notice signs that there is a water leak somewhere in your home. Those signs you are seeing may have taken days, weeks or even months to get to that point, so it is important to minimize the damage as much as possible. Professional plumbers have sophisticated diagnostic tools and techniques that are designed to find a leak and repair it without disrupting your home or the rest of the plumbing system.

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Whether you notice signs of a small leak or a massive leak, time is always of the essence when water is leaking in your home. Call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 in the Central New Jersey area and we will get it sorted out for you right away.

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Repiping Services

Considering the amount of piping that is installed in the average home, it’s amazing that there aren’t more leaks and issues to repair. One small pinhole leak in one section of pipe can cause a slow leak that causes hundreds or even thousands of dollars in water damage. In the past, a small leak like that may require tearing up walls or floors, trying to find the location, then a large scale repair job to replace the section of pipe that was affected. Luckily, modern plumbing features a service known as repiping, which is far less invasive and provides many benefits.

Repiping may be necessary for a few different reasons. If you have a damaged section of pipe in your home, then the repiping process can be used to replace that individual section, connecting it the existing pipe. This happens in the least invasive way possible, without damaging other parts of your plumbing system. Repiping saves a lot of time and money for the homeowner, especially when compared to the past where the process was much more invasive

PEX and Copper Both Work

Do you have issues with your pipes? Call 908-754-4773 today for professional Central New Jersey's repiping services and affordable prices on PEX or copper pipes.

PEX or polyethylene pipes and copper pipes are the two most common kinds of pipe used in residential homes these days, and they are both suitable for repiping. Copper is usually a stronger option than PEX, but PEX pipes are more flexible and less costly. Your local plumber and repiping expert will be able to guide you in the right direction and let you know which choice is the most suitable for your home, if you are switching to a new material.

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There’s no reason to have any pipe issues when a repiping expert is just a phone call away. Call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 today and we will send a licensed plumber over to take charge of your pipe situation.

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Greenbrook Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

Looking for an expert sump pump repair and replacement service? Call 908-754-4773 today for dependable, 24/7 solutions and affordable prices.

If you asked every homeowner in the New Jersey area if their home has decent natural drainage, you may get a lot more puzzled looks than answers. Natural drainage and the water table may not be subjects that are always top of mind, but they can have a big impact on whether or not your basement floods after heavy rainfall. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones, a good sump pump will help you keep the water out.

The Need for a Good Sump Pump

A sump pump doesn’t take up much space in your basement, but it will help spare you a lot of water damage and costly cleanup after heavy rains, or quick snow melts. As sump pump is designed to switch on when the water in the sump pit reaches a certain level, and it also helps with a problem known as hydrostatic pressure. This happens when the pressure caused by excess water builds up behind the walls of your foundation. The water can end up seeping out, or it can cause structural damage, which could result in the need for costly repairs.

If your sump pump isn’t working the way it should, it’s wise to call for repairs as soon as possible. After a certain amount of use, a sump pump can become clogged with leaves, sediment, dirt and other debris that make it inefficient. If there are issues with the electrical circuits or the electrical panel, your pump might not run properly, because it is powered by electricity. A damaged pump is one that won’t get rid of the water, so it’s important to call for service whenever necessary.

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No homeowner wants to suffer through basement flooding, and the host of structural and health problems that could follow. Call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 in Greenbrook, NJ and the surrounding area and we will send a licensed plumber to repair your pump or get the installation process started.

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Warren Drain Cleaning Services

Are clogged drains causing trouble in your home? Call 908-754-4773 today for dependable drain cleaning services and honest pricing you can count on.

Clogged drains seem to pop up out of nowhere and disrupt your day when you least expect it. Whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom, it’s never any fun and has the potential to cause serious water damage if it isn’t brought under control as quickly as possible. Many drain clogs just need some treatment with a standard plunger, but there are some that need the specialized tools and techniques that only a licensed plumber has at his disposal.

It’s safe to say that the majority of household drain clogs are caused by the people living in the house, and they could be prevented by the same people. Some of the substances that clog drains include food particles, toilet paper, paper towels, cooking grease and feminine hygiene products. Most of the time, these items won’t form a serious clog all at once, but over time they will accumulate to cause a serious drain clog that requires professional attention. After months’ or years’ worth of sludge hardens and binds together, breaking through can be almost impossible for the average homeowner.

Drain Cleaning Taken to the Next Level

If you end up with one of those immovable drain clogs despite your best efforts, you may need the high-powered solution known as hydrojetting. This drain cleaning method is performed by a trained technician, and uses water blasted into the drain under high pressure; sometimes up to 4,000 psi. Hydrojetting can blast through any type of drain clog that gets in the way, including tree roots. Keep in mind that only a professional plumber with specific hydrojetting training has the experience and equipment to make this technique work.

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Clogged drains in your home are a nuisance, but they don’t have to disrupt your life too much. Just call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 in the Warren, NJ area and we will provide you with the solution you need.

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Gas Line Repair & Installation

One component of your home that you should never take for granted is your gas line. If the appliances in your home run on propane or natural gas, there is a gas line that serves the house, and there is an accompanying level of danger. The fact that you rarely hear of gas line explosions or similar issues shows how safe they are, but the danger level can escalate dramatically if you choose to repair or install a gas line without professional help.

Your gas stove, your furnace, water heater and possibly other appliances in your home are all connected to the gas line. These lines, which resemble flexible hoses, always have gas in them, waiting for you to turn on an appliance. Most of the time, everything runs normally and there is no issue with the gas line, but sometimes a line can crack or rupture, causing a dangerous situation inside your home.

Is it a Leak?

With a gas line leak, the natural gas or propane is escaping from the gas line and filling your living space. Usually, you will be able to tell if there is a leak because you’ll hear a hissing sound as the gas escapes, or you’ll smell a foul odor, like rotten eggs. The gas itself has no odor, but your utility company adds the smell to make it possible for homeowners to detect the leak. If the line is leaking at some point under the ground, you may see dead or dying vegetation directly above the spot. Older gas lines are more prone to leaking, poor quality installation can result in leaks and serious weather events may cause damage to a gas line, producing a leak.

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If you suspect there is an issue with your home’s gas line, don’t leave it up to chance. Call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 and we will send someone out right away to evaluate the situation.

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Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

If you have a garbage disposal in your home, you know how convenient it is and how much it affects you when it breaks down. Even though they are considered a necessity in a residential kitchen, they still provide a valuable kitchen function. It’s important to align yourself with a reputable garbage disposal service provider, so you won’t have to suffer through breakdowns and other issues any longer than absolutely necessary.

Possible Issues with Your Garbage Disposal

When a garbage disposal is working at peak efficiency, it takes those small food items you want to get rid of, and pulverizes them, before washing them away into your plumbing system. Several different components must be working in unison for this to happen, and if even one is damaged, it can affect the function of the entire mechanism. Things like dull blades, damaged electrical circuits, worn motors or clogged pipes can all cause your disposal to behave erratically.

The Role of Faucets, Fixtures & Sinks

It’s important to note that the faucets and sinks attached to your disposal must also be in good working order for the garbage disposal to function correctly. Leaking sinks, faucets with low water pressure or broken seals can all contribute to poor garbage disposal performance. If you notice any issues with your faucets, fixtures or sinks, be sure to call your local plumber for help.

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Garbage disposals are handy to have in the kitchen, but they can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 in Greenbrook, NJ and the surrounding area for high quality garbage disposal services you can trust.

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Central New Jersey Water Softener System Installation & Repair

The goal of any water softening system is to take hard water and change it into soft water. This is accomplished by removing the components that made the water hard in the first place. A good water softening system makes it seem like there was never an issue with water hardness at all. Finding a reputable water quality expert will give you the best chance to get a water softener installed in your home that really makes a difference.

Hard water is called “hard” because it has an excess amount of dissolved minerals in it. These minerals usually include calcium and magnesium, and they come from rock formations around your home. The minerals get into the water and you have hard water.

How Hard Water Affects You

Hard water isn’t going to hurt you, but it will create some effects that you find frustrating and annoying. Limescale is the primary sign that you have hard water. It consists of a white film or residue that forms on cutlery, dishes, bathroom fixtures and certain appliances that come into regular contact with water. It is difficult to remove and is quite unattractive to look at.

When you have hard water, the excess minerals also make it difficult to get soap and shampoo to form a good lather. You may notice that your hair isn’t as lively or shiny as you’d like it to be, or that your laundry is stiff and scratchy instead of soft. Neither of these issues is dangerous, but they aren’t very comforting, either.

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If you have hard water there’s no need to worry. Just call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 in Warren, NJ and the surrounding area and we will provide you with the water softening solution you need.

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Water Heater Installation & Repair

Bathing, doing laundry, washing dishes and other household chores and activities all require hot water. Most of the time, we take our hot water for granted, but having a high quality water heater in your home is important to ensure the supply always meets your family’s demand. There is nothing quite as frustrating as running out of hot water when you’re in the middle of a shower or doing dishes. If you align yourself with a reputable service provider, you’ll have a reliable water heater that works best for your home.

Sometimes, a new tank is the answer to your water heater troubles. If the tank you currently use isn’t big enough to satisfy the needs of your household, then a bigger one may be what you need. When builders are constructing new homes, it’s common to place a smaller hot water tank in the basement to save money, but when a family moves in it isn’t big enough. Upgrading to a larger tank will solve the problem.

Trying a Tankless Option

If you’ve had enough of water tanks altogether, you may want to try a tankless model. With a tankless water heater, you no longer have to worry about running out of hot water, because there is no longer a tank to hold the hot water. A heating unit is connected directly to the plumbing system and it only turns on when you request hot water. You’ll get an unlimited supply of hot water, whenever you need it.

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Whatever type of water heating system you prefer, you want it running at peak efficiency all year long. If you encounter a problem with your water heater and need attention, call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 in Greenbrook, NJ and the surrounding area. We will send one of our expert technicians to your home to get your hot water flowing again.

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Hydrojetting Services

Sometimes, when a drain clog becomes so serious that plungers, chemicals and snakes have little to no effect, it is time for a high-powered solution that only a professional plumber can offer. This solution is known as hydrojetting, and it can provide hope when all other methods seem to fail. A hopelessly clogged drain runs the risk of damaging pipes and causing serious water damage, so having it taken care of quickly and effectively is crucial.

Hydrojetting is a last chance type of drain cleaning technique, using water to clear away impossible clogs. The water used is sprayed under very high pressure, sometimes up to 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch). This type of power enables a plumber to blast through whatever is in the way, scraping down the insides of pipes and removing years’ worth of built up residue.

Who Needs Hydrojetting?

As mentioned above, hydrojetting is typically a last ditch effort to remove severe drain clogs after snakes and plungers have failed. It may be needed for sewer lines and household drains that have developed immovable blockages. Sometimes, tree roots can grow into pipes and cause a blockage, and hydrojetting is a great solution for this, too. Usually, your plumber will make the decision about whether to use hydrojetting or not, based on what he is seeing when he arrives at your home.

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Serious drain clogs can cause serious disruption to your household, and it’s important to take quick action before they get out of hand. When you call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773, we will send one of our hydrojetting experts to your home to provide the solution you need.

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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Unusual or unpleasant sounds and smells are signs that characterize many sewer line issues. You may notice the smell of sewage inside your home or hear strange gurgling noises coming from your drains. If you notice damp ground outside your house that also has an unpleasant odor, this may be another sign of a sewer line break. The worst sign is if wastewater is actually coming back into your house, which is something you won’t soon forget.

It’s very important not to wait around if you notice even subtle signs of a sewer line break. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood of a terribly messy and unpleasant situation inside your home. If you smell something “off” or hear those gurgling noises, call in a plumber to check out the situation. It may be nothing, but it may also be the contents of your sewer line getting ready to re-enter your home.

High-Powered Clog Removal

Sewer line blockages or clogs are one reason you might experience problems. When there is a blockage that just won’t seem to get out of the way, you may need a technique known as hydrojetting to take care of it. This involves spraying a jet of high-pressure water into the pipe, blasting any clogs out of the way. The water pressure can reach up to 4,000 psi, so even things like tree roots don’t stand a chance.

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Call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 if you think you might have a problem with your sewer line. The results of a ruptured line can be revolting, so call today and don’t leave anything to chance.

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Water Filtration System Installation & Repair

Having dirty household water is a situation no homeowner wants to face, and even if your water appears clean to the naked eye, there may be issues you can’t see. That’s where the concept of water filtration comes in, and why so many homeowners choose to take action when it comes to keeping their water clean. When you have a high quality water filtration system in place, you can rest easy knowing that your household water is pure, and every member of your family can use it safely.

If you are serious about eliminating the contaminants from your household water supply, you should choose a whole-house filtration system. When you have your water filtered as it comes out of every faucet in the house, you can feel confident knowing there is only clean water that is pure and free from contaminants. You and your family members can drink from any faucet, and you won’t have to bother with bottled water anymore.

Common Types of Filtration

There are a few different ways you can filter your household water, each with its own benefits. Reverse osmosis is one popular method. This is when the water is sent through a semipermeable membrane under pressure, removing the offending impurities. Carbon based filtration is another method, using activated carbon to remove contaminants. Whichever method you decide on, only trust a professional service provider to get the job done.

What’s In the Water?

There are a wide range of possible contaminants that could be in your household water, which is why professional testing is so important. Some of the more common include iron, sulfur, tannins, chlorine, magnesium, calcium, sediment and even trace levels of dangerous substances like arsenic, aluminum, barium, cadmium and lead. Once you have your water tested, you and your water specialist can go over the possibilities and find a water filtration solution that works best for everyone. In the end, you’ll have clean and pure household water that you can use for drinking, bathing and cooking without concern.

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Every Central New Jersey home has some type of contaminant in its water supply. Some have a lot more than others, and some can be dangerous. When you call King George Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric at 908-754-4773 we will come out and test your water, then provide you with a solution that makes sense.

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